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Using Federal Reserve Services

Schoenherr Consulting provides support for credit unions desiring to convert check and ACH services to the Federal Reserve.  As a former CEO of a corporate credit union, I have 15 years experience with settlement, check clearing and dealing directly with the Federal Reserve.  In addition, I have been an executive at three credit unions with responsibility for payment systems and back office operations.

Services provided:

  • Convert check collection to Fed Forward and Fed Receipt Return
  • Convert share draft processing to Fed Receipt and FedReturn
  • Convert ACH origination, receipt, returns and NOC to FedACH
  • Convert wire transfers to Fedwire
  • Convert coin & currency to FedCash
  • Convert other settlements (like credit card) to FedACH

In addition, Schoenherr Consulting will assist credit unions in the processing of international wires, collection of international checks and establishing sources for liquidity.

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10146 Northwind Dr, Indianapolis, IN  46256-9590 | 317-915-7501 | dan@schoenherrconsulting.com