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How the Process Works

Plan to Plan - initial 1/2 day session with senior management

  • Review of the current plan.
  • Determine if "strategic foundation" components need to be addressed.
  • Decide on the member analytics to be used.
  • Establish the strategic questions to be answered at the planning session.
  • Determine the questions to be asked on the pre-meeting survey to the board and management.

Strategic Planning Meeting - 1 1/2 day joint meeting with the board and management

  • Appraisal of the external environment.
  • Review the member analytics and determine the market focus.
  • Determine the credit union's value proposition.
  • Answer the critical questions.
  • Scope out and formulate the strategic direction or themes.
  • Develop objectives for the next 1-3 years.


Operational Planning Meeting - 1 day session with management

  • Develop the operating initiatives to achieve the objectives.
  • Develop measurements and targets for each objective (balanced scorecard).


The strategic plan, along with the operational plan, are reviewed and adopted by the board.

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